Hypnosis and Depression, Anxiety and Sleep Disturbance

It seems that hypnotherapy may reduce anxiety by decreasing stress, creating mental relaxation, the dictation of positive thoughts, and muscle relaxation.  The following research summarizes clinical findings on the effectiveness of hypnosis on this condition.

Research Summary: This study was a pilot research with a pretest-posttest and control design. The statistical population included individuals who suffered from tinnitus and its associated symptoms. Twenty patients with tinnitus were selected through available sampling. The subjects were divided randomly into two experimental and control groups. Both groups completed the Beck Depression Inventory, Spielberger’s State-Trait Anxiety Inventory, and the Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index in both pretest and post-test phases. Only the experimental group received 10 sessions of hypnotherapy.

Key Findings:… during 10 sessions of treatment, patients reported more comfortable sleep. In addition, the comparison of the experimental and control groups indicated that hypnotherapy was probably useful in the treatment of patients’ insomnia. Hypnotherapy proved able to produce more comfortable sleep by creating mental relaxation, muscle relaxation, stress reduction, and drowsiness induction. Also, it seems that the reduction of tinnitus severity in patients is an important factor in improvement of patients’ sleep.


Source: Mirzamani, S. M., Bahrami, H., Moghtaderi, S. & Namegh, M. (2012, November). The effectiveness of hypnotherapy in treating depression, anxiety and sleep disturbance caused by subjective tinnitus. Zahedan Journal of Research in Medical Sciences, 14(9), 76-79.

Further informationhttp://www.zjrms.ir/browse.php?a_id=1717&sid=1&slc_lang=en

Discussion: Do you or someone you know have problems with anxiety and sleep disturbance and would like help handling this condition? What are your views on the findings of this research? Leave a comment below.

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