Hypnosis and Dermatological Diseases

There are several anecdotic studies on hypnotic interventions successfully treating a variety of dermatologic conditions such as, eczema, ichtyosis, warts, and psoriasis. The interventions for warts and psoriasis are the most extensively studied. The following case reports summarizes findings on the effectiveness of hypnosis on this condition.

Research Summary: In two reviews of the literature, several case reports and an experimental study were found supporting the benefits of psychological interventions in the treatment of psoriasis.

There are anecdotal reports stating that hypnotic interventions result in reduced itching and discomfort caused by warts, and in structural changes and reduction of skin lesions.

Key Findings: In a study by Spanos, Stenstrom, and Johnston (1988), a cure rate of 50% in the participants who received hypnotic suggestions for wart elimination was found, which was significantly higher than in the placebo and no-treatment control conditions. Moreover, participants who lost most of their warts were those reporting more vivid suggested imagery and higher expectation for treatment success. Therefore, imagery and hypnosis appear to be cost effective methods to reduce or remove warts.


Source: Mendoza M. E. and Capafons, A. (2009). Efficacy of clinical hypnosis: A summary of its empirical evidence. Papeles del Psicólogo, 30(2), 98-116.

Further information:  http://www.papelesdelpsicologo.es/english/1699.pdf

Discussion: Do you or someone you know have dermatologic conditions and would like help handling this condition? What are your views on the findings of this research? Leave a comment below.

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