Hypnosis and Managing Anxiety

Hypnosis may be useful in managing anxiety. The following research summarizes clinical findings on the effectiveness of hypnosis on this condition.

Research Summary: A study of 20 individuals compared the use of self-hypnosis and relaxation therapy in managing anxiety over 28 days. Both groups were shown to have achieved significant reduction in psychological and physical symptoms of anxiety.

Key Findings: The self-hypnosis group exhibited greater confidence in the positive effects of the treatment, higher expectation of success, and greater degrees of cognitive and physical improvement.


Source: O’Neill, L., Barnier, A. & McConkey, K. (1999) Treating Anxiety with self-hypnosis and relaxation, Contemporary Hypnosis, vol. 16 (2): 68

Discussion: Do you or someone you know have problems with managing anxiety and would like help handling this condition? What are your views on the findings of this research? Leave a comment below.


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