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"Fears and Phobias? Here are some solutions"

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Phobias and Fears

"At first I was sceptical on how hypnotherapy could help me overcome my biggest fears.

After my first appointment appointment with Gregory I couldn't believe it, I had a whole new way of seeing things. I have now gone to him around 7 times, about 3 separate issues I was having at the time. Gregory is extremely professional, polite, easy to talk to and great at what he does.

I can not emphasise enough how much he has helped me and I strongly urge anyone who has any fear to give it a go.

No matter how strong that fear is.

Thank you for all your help, Gregory."


Fear is a necessary emotion designed to help us stay safe from harm.
But sometimes that fear becomes the problem instead of the solution.

Saying goodbye to Fears and Phobias requires effort but I can help you.

It's a necessary emotion.

It's our sense of fear that prevents us from taking dangerous risks that could result in our injury and death, but for many of us, the things that we fear are not real dangers.

When fear over failure, embarrassment or even death itself begin to have a negative impact on quality of life, steps must be taken to overcome those fears and break free of the hold that being afraid has over you.

What is a Phobia?

Phobias are fears that are taken to the extreme and that are fixated on things that pose no real immediate threat.

Heights, tight spaces or clowns for example.

In severe cases, phobias become fixations that lead people to avoid situations like traveling.

Going outside or taking part in social activities may create fear that you might encounter the object of your phobia.

Both phobias and severe fears are not something that you can control with your conscious mind on your own.

Fear usually causes Stress and Anxiety as well.

Gregory's Stress Relief Hypnosis Relaxation mp3 is provided free when you have an appointment with Gregory.

Can't shake off a fear ?

Whatever has led you to develop your phobia or fear is deep-seeded within you, so you can't simply shake off the fear or get over it as friends and family members who do not understand your condition may suggest.

Even though you cannot consciously control these feelings, you can still overcome phobias and fears.

Use the power of Hypnotism and Hypnosis can help you eliminate fears and phobias once and for all.

Using the power of suggestion, you can reprogram your mind to no longer be fearful of the things that trouble you and make it hard for you to enjoy life.

With hypnosis, you can finally live a full life, no matter what the nature of your fears or phobias.

Fears and phobias can take over your life, especially if you have to battle them on a daily basis.

Most people experience fear at some point in their life, but phobias and chronic patterns of fear can be all-consuming and have devastating effects on lives, health, relationships and work.

Whatever type of phobia you are battling with, and however intense or serious it may be, the key to fighting your phobia is to take control of your fear.

Recognise the signs and symptoms.

Phobias and fears lead to anxiety.

Feeling anxious or panicky can cause a range of physical, mental and emotional symptoms, such as sweating, fast heartbeat, dizziness, tingling or numbness in various parts of the body, difficulty breathing or breathlessness, confusion and paranoia.

Symptoms vary from one person to the next, and may seem alarming at the time.

These symptoms can be extremely distressing, with many people fearing they are about to die.

This can lead to a vicious cycle of anxiety and panic that is difficult to break.

Learning to recognise your symptoms as perfectly harmless signs of anxiety can help to prevent this cycle.

Develop a coping strategy.

Once the symptoms of anxiety have started, you need to find a way to cope until they pass.

Planning ahead and developing helpful techniques can help you take control of the situation.

For some people, relaxation techniques or breathing exercises can help.

Distraction techniques, such as going for a walk, taking a shower or talking to a friend, can also be useful.

Try different techniques to see which work best for you.

This will help you to plan ahead and form an effective strategy.

Confront the cause.

Once you recognize and cope with your anxiety symptoms, you need to deal with the cause of your anxiety.

Some people find it helpful to talk to a friend, counsellor or mental health professional, while others prefer to work through it on their own.

There is no right or wrong way to confront the cause of your fears.

The aim is to understand what your fear is really about, where it comes from, when it started and what triggers it.

By understanding and confronting the cause of your fear, you gain insight and control over your fear.

Face your fears.

Avoiding your fears, or running away from them, only allows them to grow.

Facing your fears helps you to gain control.

There are several techniques you can use to make facing your fears easier.

Visualisation, deep breathing, relaxation or meditation techniques can help reduce anxiety levels and enable you to stay calm.

Try to relax and visualise successfully facing your fears.

Facing your phobias can be a long and difficult process, which is often emotionally and physically draining.

During this time, it is important to take care of your health and wellbeing.

Take it slowly and remember to eat properly, sleep well and get plenty of gentle exercise.

What does it feel like when you experience a FEAR?

  • Anxiety or extreme fear when confronted with a specific object or situation.
  • Rapid heart rate
  • Excessive sweating
  • Shortness of breath
  • Tingling sensations ; hot or cold flashes
  • Involuntary trembling
  • Feeling light-headed or dizzy
  • Churning stomach
  • Knowing that you're overreacting, but you can not control your fear
  • Feeling an intense need to get away
  • High blood pressure
  • Afraid of losing control.
  • Feeling as if you're going to die or pass out

Some Fears you may know:

Panaphobia / Pantophobia / Panphobia is Fear of Everything Achluophobia Fear of darkness Acrophobia Fear of heights Agliophobia Fear of pain Agoraphobia Fear of open spaces or crowds Aichmophobia Fear of needles or pointed objects Amaxophobia Fear of riding in a car Androphobia Fear of men Anginophobia Fear of angina or choking Anthrophobia Fear of flowers Anthropophobia Fear of people or society Aphenphosmphobia Fear of being touched Arachnophobia Fear of spiders Arithmophobia Fear of numbers Astraphobia Fear of thunder and lightening Ataxophobia Fear of disorder or untidiness Atelophobia Fear of imperfection Atychiphobia Fear of failure Autophobia Fear of being alone Bacteriophobia Fear of bacteria Barophobia Fear of gravity Bathmophobia Fear of stairs or steep slopes Batrachophobia Fear of amphibians Belonephobia Fear of pins and needles Bibliophobia Fear of books Botanophobia Fear of plants Cacophobia Fear of ugliness Catagelophobia Fear of being ridiculed Catoptrophobia Fear of mirrors Chionophobia Fear of snow Chromophobia Fear of colors Chronomentrophobia Fear of clocks Claustrophobia Fear of confined spaces Coulrophobia Fear of clowns Cyberphobia Fear of computers Cynophobia Fear of dogs Dendrophobia Fear of trees Dentophobia Fear of dentists Domatophobia Fear of houses Dystychiphobia Fear of accidents Ecophobia Fear of the home Elurophobia Fear of cats Entomophobia Fear of insects Ephebiphobia Fear of teenagers Equinophobia Fear of horses Gamophobia Fear of marriage Genuphobia Fear of knees Glossophobia Fear of speaking in public Gynophobia Fear of women Heliophobia Fear of the sun Hemophobia Fear of blood Herpetophobia Fear of reptiles Hydrophobia Fear of water Iatrophobia Fear of doctors Insectophobia Fear of insects Koinoniphobia Fear of rooms Leukophobia Fear of the color white Lilapsophobia Fear of tornadoes and hurricanes Lockiophobia Fear of childbirth Mageirocophobia Fear of cooking Megalophobia Fear of large things Melanophobia Fear of the color black Microphobia Fear of small things Mysophobia Fear of dirt and germs Necrophobia Fear of death or dead things Noctiphobia Fear of the night Nosocomephobia Fear of hospitals Obesophobia Fear of gaining weight Octophobia Fear of the figure 8 Ombrophobia Fear of rain Ophidiophobia Fear of snakes Ornithophobia Fear of birds Papyrophobia Fear of paper Pathophobia Fear of disease Pedophobia Fear of children Philophobia Fear of love Phobophobia Fear of phobias Podophobia Fear of feet Porphyrophobia Fear of the color purple Pteridophobia Fear of ferns Pteromerhanophobia Fear of flying Pyrophobia Fear of fire Scolionophobia Fear of school Selenophobia Fear of the moon Sociophobia Fear of social evaluation Somniphobia Fear of sleep Tachophobia Fear of speed Technophobia Fear of technology Tonitrophobia Fear of thunder Trypanophobia Fear of injections Venustraphobia Fear of beautiful women Verminophobia Fear of germs Wiccaphobia Fear of witches and witchcraft Xenophobia Fear of strangers or foreigners Zoophobia Fear of animals Other Phobias and fears Ablutophobia Achluophobia Acousticophobia Aerophobia Agliophobia Agoraphobia Aichmophobia Ailurophobia Alektorophobia Algophobia Alien Phobia Alliumphobia Allodoxaphobia Altophobia Amathophobia Amaxophobia Ambulophobia Anablephobia Androphobia Anemophobia Anglophobia Anthophobia Anthrophobia Anthropophobia Anuptaphobia Aphenphosmphobia Apiphobia Arachibutyrophobia Arachnephobia Arithmophobia Astraphobia Astrophobia Ataxophobia Atelophobia Athazagoraphobia Atychiphobia Automatonophobia Automysophobia Autophobia Aviophobia Bacteriophobia Barophobia Basophobia Batrachophobia Bathophobia Batophobia Bee Phobia Belonephobia Bibliophobia Blood Phobia Bogyphobia Bolshephobia Brontophobia Bufonophobia Cacophobia Caligynephobia Cardiophobia Cat Fear Catagelophobia Catoptrophobia Celebrity Phobia Chaetophobia Chionophobia Chiraptophobia Chromophobia Chorophobia Chrematophobia Cibophobia Claustrophobia Clinophobia Clown Phobia Coimetrophobia Coitophobia Commitment phobia Computer Phobia Coprophobia Coulrophobia Cyberphobia Cynophobia Death Phobia Decidophobia Demophobia Demonophobia Dendrophobia Dental Fear Dental phobia Dentophobia Dextrophobia Didaskaleinophobia Dikephobia Dipsophobia Dishabiliophobia Dog phobia Doraphobia Driving Phobia Dutchphobia Dysmorphophobia Dystychiphobia Ecclesiophobia Ecophobia Electrophobia Emetophobia Enetophobia Entomophobia Enochlophobia Eosophobia Ergasiophobia Ergophobia Eromophobia Erotophobia Erythrophobia Equinophobia Fear and phobia Fear of Abandonment Fear of being alone Fear of clown Fear of Clowns Fear of Commitment Fear of Computer Fear of Death Fear of Dentist Fear of Dog Fear of Driving Fear of Dying Fear of Failure Fear of flying Fear of Food Fear of foot Fear of God Fear of Heights Fear of Intimacy Fear of long Words Fear of Needle Fear of Needles Fear of public speaking Fear of Rejection Fear of School Fear of Snake Fear of Snakes Fear of speaking in public Fear of Spider Fear of Spiders Fear of Success Fear of the Lord Fear of the unknown Felinophobia Flying Phobia Food phobia Foot phobia Francophobia Geliophobia Geniophobia Genuphobia Gephyrophobia Gerascophobia Germ Phobia Glossophobia Gnosiophobia Graphophobia Gymnophobia Gynophobia Hadephobia Haphephobia Hedonophobia Heliophobia Hemaphobia Herpetophobia Heterophobia Hippophobia History Phobia Hobophobia Hodophobia Homophobia Hoplophobia Hydrophobia Hypsiphobia Iatrophobia Ichthyophobia Insectophobia Isolophobia Ithyphallophobia Ithyphallophobia Treatment Judeophobia Kainolophobia Kakorrhaphiophobia Katagelophobia Kathisophobia Keraunophobia Keraunothnetophobia Lachanophobia Laliophobia Lalophobia Ligyrophobia Lockiophobia Logizomechanophobia Logophobia Lygophobia Lygophobia Treatment Mageirocophobia Math Phobia Medomalacuphobia Medorthophobia Melophobia Merinthophobia Metathesiophobia Microphobia Microphobia Treatment Misophobia Monophobia Monophobia Treatment Menophobia Midget Phobia Motorphobia Musophobia Myctophobia Mysophobia Mysophobia Treatment Name Phobia Necrophobia Needle phobia Obesophobia Ombrophobia Ophidiophobia Ornithophobia Peladophobia Penis Fear People Phobia Phagophobia Phasmophobia Philophobia Phobia of book Phobia of Cat Phobia of children Phobia of disorder Phobia of heights Phobia of home Phobia of Shark Phobia of Sharks Phobia of Snake Phobia of water Phobophobia Phone Phobia Photophobia Public speaking Phobia Pyrophobia Samhainophobia School Phobia Sharks Fear Sitophobia Social Phobia Specific Phobias Spider phobia Technophobia Thanatophobia Thantophobia Urophobia Xanthophobia Xenophobia Zoophobia

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