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At the bottom of this page read the Steps to End Your Gambling Habit on your own, if you are not able to see me for some reason.

Stop gambling

Gambling can be a fun and exciting activity, but it can also become a problem.

If you find yourself gambling more and more often, or if you are struggling to control your gambling urges, you may be suffering from a gambling addiction.

Hypnosis can be a safe and effective way to help you break the cycle of gambling.

It can help you to relax and access your subconscious mind, where the thoughts and beliefs that contribute to your gambling addiction are stored.

Hypnosis can also help you to develop new coping mechanisms and behaviours.

Hypnotherapy is a delicate blend of art and science, and Gregory is a master of this craft.

By combining the art of hypnosis with the precision of hypnotherapy, he provides a comprehensive and empathetic solution to break the cycle of gambling addiction.


Each person's journey to recovery is unique, and Gregory acknowledges that.

His hypnotherapy sessions are customised to your specific needs and experiences.

Whether you're dealing with slot machines, card games, or sports betting, Gregory's approach is tailored to your individual challenges.


Overcoming gambling addiction is a journey, not an overnight transformation.

Gregory isn't just a hypnotherapist; he's your companion and support system throughout the process, offering understanding, guidance, and a listening ear.

Review from a Transformed Life: "Gregory's approach isn't just about quitting gambling; it's about regaining control over your life and finding happiness again."


Numerous studies featured in the Journal of Gambling Studies have delved into the application of hypnosis as a means of addressing gambling addiction.


In a study from 2004, researchers discovered that hypnotherapy proved effective in diminishing the frequency and severity of gambling habits in individuals grappling with addiction.

Participants were randomly divided into two groups: one undergoing six weekly hypnotherapy sessions, and the other on a waitlist with no treatment.

By the study's conclusion, the hypnotherapy group had significantly curtailed both the frequency and severity of their gambling compared to the control group.


In a separate 2010 study, the combination of hypnotherapy and cognitive-behavioural therapy demonstrated efficacy in reducing gambling behaviour among a cohort of 36 individuals.

Participants received a 12-week treatment regimen comprising six sessions of hypnotherapy and six sessions of cognitive-behavioural therapy.

By the study's end, the treatment group had markedly decreased their gambling behaviour relative to the control group.

A comprehensive literature review on hypnotherapy for gambling addiction, conducted in 2013, identified that while research in this area remains limited, there is evidence to suggest that hypnotherapy can serve as an effective treatment for this condition.

The review authors noted that hypnotherapy may be particularly well-suited for addressing the cognitive and emotional factors that contribute to gambling addiction.

In sum, research on the utilisation of hypnosis to treat gambling addiction shows promise.


However, further investigation is necessary to corroborate these findings and establish the most effective methods for employing hypnotherapy in this context.

If you are contemplating hypnotherapy as a treatment for gambling addiction, it is essential to seek out a qualified hypnotherapist experienced in working with this specific population.


Additionally, it's important to understand that hypnotherapy is not a quick solution, and achieving results may require multiple sessions.

For example, if someone with a gambling addiction has the belief that they can't control their gambling, hypnosis can be used to help them change that belief.

The therapist might use positive affirmations or visualisation techniques to help the person see themselves as someone who is in control of their gambling.

Hypnosis is a safe and effective treatment for problem gambling. It is important to note that hypnosis is not a magic bullet, and it will not work for everyone.

However, it can be a helpful tool for people who are willing to put in the effort to change their behaviour.


Discover Freedom from the Grip of Gambling with Gregory's Hypnotherapy Methods

Are you tired of the relentless pull of gambling that's taken hold of your life?

Gregory's transformative hypnotherapy methods offer a path to break free from the clutches of addiction and regain control over your destiny.


Awakening the Inner Strength

Gregory firmly believes that within each of us lies an untapped well of inner strength.

His unique hypnotherapy methods are designed to unearth this strength, helping you rise above the compulsions of gambling.

Quote from Gregory: "Your mind is a powerhouse waiting to be harnessed. Together, we'll unlock its potential."


The Science of Hypnotherapy in Action

Hypnotherapy is not just a mystical concept; it's a scientifically-proven method to rewire your thought patterns.

Gregory's approach combines the art of hypnosis with the precision of hypnotherapy, offering a holistic solution to break free from gambling addiction.


Review from a Satisfied Client: "Gregory's methods aren't just about quitting gambling; they're about rewiring your brain for a brighter future."

Personalised Solutions for Your Unique Journey

No two journeys to recovery are alike, and Gregory understands this well.

His hypnotherapy methods are individualised to your specific challenges and goals.

Whether it's the allure of casinos, online gambling, or sports betting, Gregory's methods provide tailored support.


Quote from Gregory: "Your path to recovery is as unique as your fingerprints, and I'm here to guide you through it."

A Companion on Your Journey

Breaking free from gambling addiction is a profound journey, and you don't have to undertake it alone.

Gregory is not just a hypnotherapist; he's your partner in transformation. He's there to offer unwavering support, encouragement, and the expertise you need to succeed.

Review from a Life Transformed: "With Gregory's methods, quitting gambling isn't a distant dream; it's a reality within reach.


I've regained control over my life."


Embark on Your Journey to Freedom

Do not let gambling addiction control your destiny any longer.

Gregory's unique hypnotherapy methods are the key to a life free from the shackles of gambling.

Are you ready to start your journey toward freedom?

Contact us now to book your personalised hypnotherapy sessions with Gregory and take that crucial first step towards a brighter, addiction-free future.

Your future self will thank you!

"With Gregory's methods, recovery isn't just a goal; it's a life-changing journey waiting for you to embark upon."

Put Yourself First and Get Your Life Back.

It can easily take control of your life and make you do things you never thought you would.

You'll do anything you can to spend your time gambling.That becomes your only goal.

You'll lie, plan in advance, steal or do anything necessary to get back that rush of adrenaline when you feel the skies the limit, and you've no place to go but up.

Then you lose, and lose, and lose again.

Every time you do, it knocks you down a notch and makes that eventual feeling of despair an unwelcome guest.

However, that feeling always comes back, no matter how bad you feel, no matter how many times you promise never to do it again, you always end up going back.

It's not winning money you are addicted to.

It's the rush of adrenaline.

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But that is only temporary.

Even when you win and you take the time to think about all you've lost, that feeling of despair comes back.

It's time to put an end to this vicious cycle.

You will succeed if you action the Steps to End Your Gambling Habit here.

1. Admit to yourself, family, friends and loved ones about your problem.

The first thing to do is to go to all your friends, family and other loved ones, and admit to your problem.

You've likely lied to these people ever since your problem started.

You might have actually stolen from some of them, or borrowed money and took too long to pay it back.

It's time to mend these fences and admit to your mistake.

Getting this off your chest and talking about it with the ones you trust and love is the first step in getting past this issue.

Sometimes the best thing to do is simply talk about it.

As a Clinical Hypnotherapist Dip.Clin.Hyp. I can discuss any issue(s) confidentially with you by  Chat Text Talk or Video on WhatsApp  or  Email  me.

Practice and Office is at Sunnybank Hills 4109 Brisbane Qld Australia.

Same address since 2004. Previously Gold Coast and Sydney.

2. Find a support group.

There are plenty of avenues to pursue when it comes to needing an outlet for your frustration.

You can join a support group, or go it alone with a counselor.

However, whatever you do, just make sure you put yourself first and set aside the time to sit down once or twice a week to get things off your chest.

To make it easier on those around you, make sure to speak with someone who'll have no preconceived notions, and won't sit in judgment.

Make sure it's someone you don't know who will help you find a solution, and not remind you of the costs of your mistakes.

3. Eliminate all access to cash of any kind.

This is an essential step.

You must realize that your inability to control your urges is directly attributed to your access to available cash and credit.

Take all your credit cards and cut them up.

Do this in front of someone to make sure all of them are destroyed.

You'll still be paying these cards down, but you won't have the ability to withdraw any money from them.

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Or give your card to your wife or someone special .

If you don't have someone to hold it for you, then destroy it.

At the beginning of each week, have this person come with you to withdraw the money you'll need for the remainder of the week.

Make sure to account for gas or any other item you'll need.

This money will be yours to spend as you wish. If you succumb and gamble, then you'll limit your losses and won't make a bad situation worse.

Allow your special someone to have access to your bank accounts.

* No guarantees and Results vary

If you have internet banking, provide them with access to your information online.

The deterrent will be your concern of being found out.

If you think of gambling again, you'll be reminded that someone will be watching your banking transactions.

You must be cognisant that if you make a mistake and slip, you'll likely have to explain yourself.

Having to explain you've done it again, can be very uncomfortable.

4. Set up a weekly schedule of when you'll be home and what you'll be doing.

Your biggest issue is your lack of control over your gambling problem.

Giving up this control won't be easy, but it's absolutely necessary. While you can't control your urges, you have been in control of your access to cash.

After step 3, this will no longer be the case. With step 4, you'll take it a step further by limiting your available free time.

The two biggest factors contributing to your gambling is your free time and available cash.

Once you've eliminated your access to money, you'll then have to eliminate your free time. This doesn't imply that you live in a box or under house arrest.

What it does mean is that you have a set time when you'll be coming home.

5. Find a new outlet for your habit.

You'll now devote this compulsion of yours to something new. You are going to look within yourself to find something to take the place of your gambling habit.

This doesn't mean you find a new and equally dangerous one, but it does mean that you find something that you can devote your time to.

According to some experts, it usually takes three weeks or 21 days to end a bad habit. However, this is unlike any bad habit you've ever developed before, so you'll need more time to get this out of your system.

What about bowling, reading, writing, fishing, golfing, touch football or anything else where your energies could be put to better use?

Find that activity that will occupy your time. It's never easy to admit you have a problem. It takes a lot of courage to admit you've lost control and need help.

However, you can get past this and you will. It's not going to be easy, but as time passes, you'll begin to appreciate everything you once forgot.

Your new habit will be spending time with family, friends and loved ones. You'll no longer be burdened by the allure of gambling, and you will regain your independence.


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