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Yes.You CAN quit smoking without Hypnosis.
However most return to it as a source of stress release or comfort in some way.

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Gregory's Unique Smoking Cessation Journey: Transform Your Life with Hypnosis

Quitting Smoking: A Journey to Freedom

Quotes on Quitting Smoking:

Paul McKenna: "The moment you quit smoking, is the moment your body starts its healing process."

Allen Carr: "Don't hope that quitting smoking will be easy. Decide that it will be worth it."

Oprah Winfrey: "It's a matter of wanting something more than wanting to smoke."

Our approach is grounded in the belief that quitting smoking is not just a physical act but a transformation of the mind and spirit.


Real Stories of Quitting Smoking

Google News: Discover how our unique smoking cessation approach has made headlines on Google News. Dive into the inspiring stories of individuals who have broken free from smoking addiction using our techniques.

We have seen incredible real-life stories and that illuminate the remarkable connection between hypnosis and smoking cessation. Witness how the mind's power can help you quit smoking for good.


Reviews and Facts

Reviews: Read first hand accounts from clients who have successfully quit smoking with our approach. Their testimonials are a testament to the effectiveness of our methods.


The Hypnosis Advantage

Hypnosis is a powerful tool in our approach to quitting smoking. It taps into the subconscious mind, helping you rewire your beliefs and behaviours surrounding smoking.


Begin Your Smoke-Free Journey

At Gregory's Unique Smoking Cessation, we believe in your capacity to overcome smoking addiction and lead a healthier life. Our approach integrates the power of the mind and the transformative power of hypnosis to guide you towards a smoke-free future.

Commence your journey today and embrace the smoke-free, healthier you that awaits. Gregory's Unique Smoking Cessation: Where the power of the mind meets the path to freedom.

"On the 13/10/2012 My friend and I visited Gregory in an attempt to stop smoking.
On the 13/10/2017 we will be celebrating our 5 year anniversary of being smoke free, fit and healthier.

Over the past few years we have recommended a few people and they have had similar results.

If we had to mention two ways this has changed our lives it would be:

1. Being free of that feeling when we go out. Where can I go and hide and have a smoke?

How long is this (anything) going to take because I will need a smoke?

2. The overall feeling of wellbeing and the feeling of success of being in control of year own life and not letting smoking be even considered.

Thanks to Gregory we have our lives back."

* No guarantees and Results vary

My unique approach is to change the way you "think" about smoking. This is done in a positive and helpful way with very powerful Hypnotic Suggestions designed to eliminate your craving.

It is a habit after all.

A habit caused by the mind can be undone by the mind.

Sessions required? Start with one and book more if you need. I recommend three Sessions for most people to get the best results.

The benefits of each Session with me are measurable and very obvious.

Clients return because they get so much out of each Session.

This is what makes the difference I think. Everything is against you giving up when surrounded by so much reinforcement of the need to continue smoking.

I undo the damage and give you the tools to remain a non smoker in spite of those surrounding influences.

Feedback from more non smokers

"Hi Gregory I come to one of your sessions on Friday to quit smoking and was wondering if u could send me the follow up video please i'm doing great with quitting so far thank you kindly. " *L

"hi Gregory today is day 13 without a smoke thank you so much for your help and thank you for saving my life. Now just let me know if you can get my kid to eat her veggies lol" *J

"Thank you smoke free since session can't thank you enough ... *LG"

With Hypnotherapy you are seeking help and some kind of benefit such as giving up smoking.

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Enquirer ...... "I tried hypnosis to give up smoking many years ago, did not work."

*Gregory .......... "I can't comment on your specific situation because I don't think we have ever met.

However I can comment on this type of problem generally. Most people who fail at stopping a habit, have success later.

When they are more in the "mood". This is true of all Treatments not just Hypnosis.

Patches, Acupuncture Alternative Therapies etc all have the same limitations. Statistics are the same no matter what method you use. Also many people expect the Treatment to over ride their own free will.

This will never happen. You may stop for days months years but one day decide to take it up again from personal choice. Hope this helps you." *Gregory

Hi Greg,

I received 2 separate sessions to assist in quitting smoking. I had previously been smoking around 15-25 per day, more on weekends, for the past several years.

* No guarantees and Results vary

My partner and I decided it was time to try for a family and I wanted to get myself in a healthy position to do that. Lacking purely the determination and self discipline to just stop cold turkey, I googled quit smoking hypnotherapy.

Up until my first session, I did not know what it involved. I chose not to do any research for fear of building up any expectations or misconceptions about what might happen and what results I would get. I arrived early for my session and had 2 smokes in the car while waiting.

Before our session started Gregory asked me to be honest about what I wanted from this as he would use those goals during the hypnotherapy. I felt comfortable, and relaxed the whole time and it felt like a guided meditation.

Afterwards, I just felt really relaxed and re-energised. But other than that did not feel any different. I got in my car (where my smoke packet was on the front seat) & usually the first thing I would do would be to light up.

This time I just looked at the packet and threw it in the back seat. I had no urge to have a smoke. Within a few weeks I noticed that every now and then I would think about it- being a habit that I did so regularly- before dinner, after dinner, during work breaks, when I woke up, before bed, etc etc.

Hypnosis Sessions to suit everyone Hi Gregory, "I came to see you for a session to aid me to quit smoking. I'd previously smoked 40 smokes a day for 11 years and haven't picked up a smoke since my 10 am session. (I remember this time as it is clearly a huge milestone in my life).

I don't even need to start to describe how this has changed my life. Thank you so much." Kind Regards *Kristy

Hi Gregory, Thank you so much for my two sessions. I have been quit smoking for now 6 months with no withdrawals or temptations at all. I am healthy and would highly recommend your session to anyone considering it for any purpose.

Best thing that I have ever done in my whole life as it has helped in so many areas.
kind regards

As a Clinical Hypnotherapist Dip.Clin.Hyp. I can discuss any issue(s) confidentially with you by  Chat Text Talk or Video on WhatsApp  or  Email  me.

Practice and Office is at Sunnybank Hills 4109 Brisbane Qld Australia.

Same address since 2004. Previously Gold Coast and Sydney.

But I had no cravings at all, no mood swings or any other side effects. It was like Gregory had just turned off my smoking switch.

I went back for a second session only because my resolve had cracked and I had started smoking a little again and I did not want it to go any further.

I would recommend this treatment to anyone, because honestly I did not know if it would work and I found it to be 100% effective. That said, there is still work you must do on your own. He is not a magician. But he really does do most of the work!

Thanks for the opportunity to share my experience. And if I ever relapse, I will be calling on you immediately! Kind Regards, *Jessica Wilson Owner-Operator METALLIC MISCHIEF

Dear Gregory

It has been 7 months since my last cigarette.

I do not think I could physically purchase a packet of cigarettes, I see the people lined up at the supermarket smoke counter and remind myself that used to be me. I feel sorry for them.

I am so glad I made the decision to attend your session.

However the real miracle is my husband who had smoked since he was 14 and was a two and half packet a day smoker, has become a non-smoker. He had one session with you 14 months ago and has not touched a cigarette since.

His health has improved, it used to be hard to have a conversation with him as he would start coughing and he would wake in the middle of the night coughing bringing up Phlegm.

Now at 60 years old he no longer coughs, and all the gunk has cleared from his lungs.

* No guarantees and Results vary

He had a medical for work the other day and every reading is perfect his doctor could not believe it. So thank you Gregory you have improved our lives.

With the money we have saved from not smoking we are planning a trip to Cuba next April. Cheers *Tom & Mary Booth PS We have recommended a lot of people to you, however they have to really want to give up.

Hi Gregory

Chris and I are so happy we are now non smokers.

Thank you so much. We have recommended you to so many people as they are amazed at our success I have a twin in nsw and was wondering if you know of any hypnotists in the Penrith area as she is keen to quit also.

Hope you can recommend someone



hi gregory, i just wanted to thank you for you your help, helping me quit smoking.

i always thought hypnosis was a big joke but now i have a completely different view about it, well it took me about 30 years to believe in it . it was well worth the 120 bucks i paid u. u really are worth every penny.


yes gregory, you may use my testimony to help someone .you may use any part of my name, thanks again,


Watch and listen to Testimonies

Hi Gregory,

it has been a week now and still going strong... Haven't had any cigarettes since my session with you, feeling great Thanks again, have a great week!!

Kind Regards


Hi Gregory,

Thank you for the help and support you have given me. I was smoking 20 smokes a day and had not gone 1 day in 15 years without 1 smoke.

Since the session with you I have not had 1 smoke in 6 days.

I am starting to feel better and craving smokes less. I have found it difficult, though have an added strength and I'm really glad that I came and saw you.

I am spreading your name to my friends and hopefully some of them will come and see you. I'm moving up to Mackay on Saturday if all the roads are open. Best of luck in your travels.

Respectfully, *j

* No guarantees and Results vary

Kevin has gone from 30 a day to 10 a week after his second Session.
"It's getting easier and easier".

Dee quits smoking after just one 45 minute Session.
Now feels physically ill when she thinks about smoking.
Went from up to 30 a day to none in her first week.


"I'm a non smoker for the rest of my life"*

"Sometimes (ok a lot of the time) I really feel like one and say ok I'm going to have one, it won't hurt (especially after a few drinks with friends) But although the urge is there I still haven't touched one, despite a half open packet still sitting in my cupboard.

Sometimes I THINK I really want one, but when it comes to the physical movement of going to get one, I have no interest.

I NEVER thought I would have given up I thought I was a lost cause, destined to smoke always."

Short of getting cancer, I didn't think I could ever stop (Hey - even if I had got cancer, I don't think I would have stopped!)

Your trusting and 100% ethical approach not only made me feel relaxed but has had the desired result - much to my own amazement! I can even have a glass or two (or three!) of wine without lighting up - I thought that was impossible!!

But a BIG thank you for getting rid of the biggest problem in my life - the fact I was killing myself by choice.

I can't believe how much better I feel - and I have lost 2 kilos - I thought I'd be struggling with weight but you addressed that too!! The drive, the effort, the traffic stress was worth it!

"For although I still feel like something is missing sometimes, and my brain says "SMOKE TIME!!".......

"I am a non-smoker - and can't believe how disgusted I feel when I see others smoke when I would have been puffing away with them previously - thinking I was enjoying it! (AT a BBQ last week my 'smoking buddy'"went out for a cigarette - my body said "WOOHOO lets go!" but my brain said - Oh yuck - look at her, poor thing still stuck on smoking!) and I didn't have second thought - when she came back in - the smell!!!

OH MY GOD!!!! Did I smell like that!!!!!????? (As smokers we all know we stink a little after a smoke but OH MY it doesn't just smell - IT STINKS!!!)

And I thought I had been fooling my clients for the last few years by chucking a chewy in before I spoke to them.
They must have all known - how embarrassing!!!

"Thanks for giving me my life back.

I have told everyone I know about you and I so hope they come and see you!

"I will be coming to see you again soon myself to address other pertinent matters in my life with regards to my career, confidence, procrastination etc.

Until then I hope you are fully booked with people whose desire to smoke is diminishing (but their current belief they can't live without it overrides the decision to "JUST DO IT"

Feel free to use this as a testimonial - and if used and you are thinking of quitting "DO NOT HESITATE to see Greg - he can change your life!"


(Feel free to call me on 0408 079 645 to verify the above testimonial)

Watch and listen to Testimonies

PS GREG - will be coming to see u soon re smoking top-up, confidence and procrastination - sure u can help me with this also.

Gave up smoking from first Session ..... "repulsive"

Hi Gregory,

"I had a session with you early this month, December '08. Just wanted to let you know that it stuck.

Totally quit cigarettes from the moment I left your studio. Of course, I imagine I did most of the work in booking the session, turning up and paying for it, thus you only had to 'go through the motions' as such, but I must say you did it well !"

"Not only have I quit cigs but I've started exercising and working out and am feeling more alive and focussed, which I attribute to the White Screen gambit and the "... better in every way everyday..." spike you drove in to the treatment."

"Actually, it's strange: I walked out of the session thinking What a racket! I could light up a cigarette right now if I wanted to.

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And then it occurred to me... But I don't want to." "It's been almost three and a half weeks and the habit still calls to me after a meal or when I drive, but I always think Why on Earth would I want to do that?

I don't smoke. I can't see myself ever taking it up again." "Now I look on smokers with pity. Slaves to the craving. What a terrible affliction!

I can even hang out with smoker friends and go out drinking without feeling any desire for a cigarette."

"Life is so much better without them.

Thank you and Merry Christmas," *N...

Booked in by partner. Now down from over 90 cigs. a week to none from one Session with Gregory.

* No guarantees and Results vary

Hello Gregory,

I am sure you see lots of clients and possibly don't remember me, but I did want to let you know that my Session with you was very successful.

I have not wanted to smoke at all, and felt very positive about life in general.

Thanks again for helping me rid my life of such a disgusting habit. I am now healthy, into my fitness, and happy to have more time in my life. Best regards, *JS

Hi again Greg,
Glad to report that i am still enjoying the benefits of my session with you to quit smoking..
In my session you also helped reinforce the need for me to keep fit, as I am representing Australia later in the year for my age group in field hockey...

Glad to report , that as you said, I AM faster, and fitter than I ever could have imagined.

I often listen to the follow up session on the website..

Could you please remember me whenever there is a new update..

Thanks again,



Hi Greg
"Just thought I would send you some feedback.

I had my first session with you on the 30 December 2009 to stop smoking.

Well over 4 and half months down the line and I am still not smoking.

Although I still want to at times but I have now successfully started to re-evaluate my life so choices seem much clearer now.

Thanks for your support and hope you are well and happy."


"Haven't smoked at all , no withdrawal symptoms , just don't feel like a cigarette at all."

* Bernie
"I can't touch a packet of cigarettes."

Kevin says "there's no hanging out for smokes" any longer.
"No more gotta get a smoke".*

Feels like he's never had a cigarette
"Fantastic after just one Session. I haven't craved anything, it's awesome".

One Session. "Went from 40 a day to 5 for the whole week."

Tania B reduces her smoking from 30 to 40 a day which she has consumed for the last 30 years, to, first couple of days, no smokes.

Then "loses the plot" and smokes 3 or 4 a day.

*Daniel G talks about his first Session to stop smoking. His mate ...... "blew smoke in his face to see if I'd want one"

*Graeme cuts down smoking from 40 per day to 7 cigs a day , after just one Session with Gregory , and says he "feels no urge or desire to increase that".

*Shaun - stopped smoking today after one quick session. Says "No I'm not going to touch one ever again ".

"When I decided I wanted to quit smoking I contacted Gregory in regards to receiving some sessions in hypnosis to provide me with the mental tools to do so.

Not only did I get these tools, I was offered a great opportunity to explore life, work and stress issues with Greg.

Having undergone some changes in my life after breaking an engagement, working in a new job and juggling work/life/friends balance, the hypnosis sessions with Greg to date have set the wheels in motion for me to make some changes in my life and to not be afraid to do so."

Watch and listen to Testimonies

"I have already obtained a greater confidence to finally start making decisions rather than sitting on the fence and finding loopholes.

I feel Greg really engages with me, offers practical suggestions as well as long-term suggestions to consider exploring.

Greg has an endearing personal yet professional approach which has been both encouraging and empowering.

I have started using some of his suggested techniques (which I can apply to other parts of my life (including not smoking) and I feel I am doing better."

"I am more focused and positive than I have been in some time.

Thank you Greg!

I would definitely recommend Greg's hypnosis sessions for all aspects of your life.

*Stefanie - 27 yrs

Sharon's story...
I just wanted to tell my story, so far, on giving up smoking.
I have been smoking for approximately. 25 years and finally have decided I want to QUIT. I have tried all of the following:
Nicotine Patches - am allergic to them
Nicotine Gum - I found that I could just get rid of it and light up yet another ciggie".

"I ended up with ulcers in my mouth and felt like a zombie so I quit quitting.
So I looked up the Internet and typed in Hypnosis to Quit Smoking and found Gregory's website.
I gave him a call and felt immediately relaxed by the sound of his voice.

I asked how much and was also pleasantly surprised with how little Gregory charges, up to a quarter of the price of some others I have heard of."
"I booked my first session.

I went to Greg and found that he is the most gentle man and is very understanding. After my first session with Greg, I cut down smoking by approximately. 90%.
While at this session, I booked a 2nd session.

The 2nd session was 5 days after the 1st, and I have now cut down to 1 ciggie per day and I am feeling great."

"I have also booked a 3rd session in a month's time, so see how I go, however I am feeling very positive.

My advice to those who REALLY want to give up the ciggies is to make an appointment with Gregory, he makes you feel so comfortable and is such a genuine man.


You have helped me where all of the chemical solutions have not."*

Hi Greg

"I just want to thank you so much assisting me in quitting the cigarettes.

I had been to another 'well known' hypnotherapist but just couldn't quit them.

After a chance of seeing your online advert I am so please we worked together to quit them. It only took 3 goes and I am still off them 7 weeks later."

"Please give me email to anyone wanting a personal testimonial I am more than happy to recommend you and your services"

*Matt Damon and other Celebrities Stopped Smoking with Hypnosis.


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