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Hypnosis helps you Quit specific Food or Drink Habits

Quit specific food or drinks with Hypnosis

Quit Specific Food Drink Habits

Chocolate Chips Ice cream Biscuits Cookies Cheeseburgers Pizza Soft drinks are the most addictive

**Discover Freedom from Temptation with Gregory's Unique Hypnotherapy Approach!**

Are you tired of succumbing to the allure of chocolate chips, ice cream, biscuits, cookies, cheeseburgers, pizza, and soft drinks?

Gregory's one-of-a-kind hypnotherapy approach can help you break free from these cravings and regain control over your life.

**Embrace the Sweet Taste of Victory**

Gregory believes that the sweetest victory is the one over your cravings.

With his unique approach to hypnotherapy, you'll learn to conquer your desire for chocolate chips, ice cream, biscuits, and cookies, one bite at a time.

*Quote from Gregory:* "The road to a healthier you may seem rocky, but I'll be your guide, helping you pave it with willpower and determination."

**Burgers and Pizza, No Longer a Prisoner**

Say goodbye to the guilt that comes with indulging in cheeseburgers and pizza.

Gregory's method isn't about deprivation; it's about reprogramming your mind to make healthier choices without feeling like you're missing out.

*Review from a Satisfied Client:* "I used to live for cheeseburgers and pizza, but thanks to Gregory's hypnotherapy, I now live for a healthier me!"

**Ditch the Sugary Soft Drinks**

Soft drinks can be incredibly addictive, but they don't have to control your life.

Gregory's unique hypnotherapy sessions target the root of your cravings, helping you break free from the grip of sugary beverages.

*Quote from Gregory:* "Quitting soft drinks isn't just about kicking a habit; it's about reclaiming your health and vitality."

**Personalised Sessions for Lasting Change**

No two individuals are the same, and Gregory understands that.

His hypnotherapy sessions are customised to your specific needs and goals, ensuring that you receive a tailored approach to overcome your unique challenges.

*Review from a Transformed Client:* "Gregory's unique approach to hypnotherapy is like a secret weapon against cravings. I can't believe how much it's changed my life!"

**Your Partner in Change**

Breaking habits can be daunting, but with Gregory by your side, you're never alone.

He provides unwavering support, motivation, and guidance throughout your journey, ensuring your success in the quest to quit chocolate chips, ice cream, biscuits, cookies, cheeseburgers, pizza, and soft drinks.

*Quote from Gregory:* "I'm not just a hypnotherapist; I'm your partner in change. Together, we'll turn your cravings into conquered challenges."

**Start Your Transformation Today**

Don't let these habits control your life any longer.

Gregory's unique hypnotherapy approach is your key to a life free from the temptation of chocolate chips, ice cream, biscuits, cookies, cheeseburgers, pizza, and soft drinks.

Take the first step towards a healthier, happier you today.

Ready to experience the freedom of choice?

Contact us now to schedule your personalised hypnotherapy session with Gregory and embark on your journey towards a life without cravings.

Your future self will thank you!

*"With Gregory's unique approach, your cravings don't stand a chance against your determination."*

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  • Food and Drink Control
  • Control sugar intake to have a healthier diet
  • Have more Motivation to Exercise
  • Use the power of your own Mind without pills.
  • No side effects.

Hypnosis - Quit food and drink habits

Whatever the issue around food drink smoking stress and you can't stop, Hypnosis could help you.

If I can't help you with just the power of your own mind, probably nobody else can either.

Yes, you do have to absorb positive suggestions.

Yes, you could still ignore all the help that's given in your Sessions.

But provided you are a willing Client, and not pushed into it by a friend, I can help you.

I only have limited time and chooses to work with those who are really serious.

So just book when you are ready.

* No guarantees and Results vary

Feedback from Clients with weight loss issues

"Take control of your mind. Look and feel Better.
Others have succeeded. You can too with NLP for weight loss and my unique approach."

Read their personal stories here......

"I found that I was totally open" 

In my sessions with Gregory at first I wasn't sure that I would need a 2nd session, but decided to go anyway.

I found that I got a lot from this session, which I found completed my understanding of what Gregory was putting forward to help me lose the weight.

I have found that Gregory's suggestions come to mind when I am faced with anything that I should not be eating.

... Made my weight loss easier... I recommend going to see Gregory to anyone who asks me "how did you lose the weight"


Hi Gregory,

I had a hypnotherapy session with you on the 17th April for weight loss.

I am pleased to say it has been a great success.

I use to love anything sweet and I did not mind anything savoury either.

But I have had none of these foods since I came to see you.

I do not even desire these foods. I am totally amazed and so are a number of people who know me.

I have lost 4kg so far. I know that is not much but I am on my way to my goal weight with thanks to you.

Thank you for changing the way I think about food.


Watch and listen to Video Reviews

*(Results are not guaranteed and may vary from person to person)

Hi Gregory

I don't know if you remember me but I came in to see you in January.

I wanted help with losing weight.

I emailed you when I had lost 5 kilos and was really excited.

I have now lost more and I'm still determined to lose even more.

I walk almost 6 kilometres 5 days a week.

One of the most amazing transformations though is my fingernails !!!

I have been an habitual nail biter for 50 years - I have NEVER been able to grow my nails -

but I have always wanted to - when I visualise myself, it is with lovely long nails.

Well, shortly after I came to see you, I noticed one day that my nails had started to grow -

I was amazed - so I just started painting them and they just kept growing and now I have lovely long nails.

I still keep saying that if I feel that I am falling off track, that I will come back for another session, but so far everything is going really well.

I'll email you again when I've lost another few kilos !

I've also recommended you to anyone who listens to me.

Thanks again

Kind Regards


Hi Greg,,

Just an update on my weight loss..

It has been 11 weeks... All good, I have lost many kilos in those 11 weeks...

Looking great and feeling better every day....

I am spreading the word.....Many thanks again..


"I've lost almost 3 kilos. So it's been great."
"I couldn't be more happier.

My problem was I was running to the fridge at nights."

......."Now (after seeing you) I don't even feel like eating it ( junk food ) , that's the wonderful thing." ..... "I've lost about 2.5 kg."

"I'd normally lose weight then put it back on" ....."but I've lost 4 kgs" ..... "I've broken that cycle of just losing and gaining"


"Very good. I've lost 4 kilos now and my clothes are a lot looser and it feels really terrific.".....

"I use your CD almost every day and that helps tremendously to slow me down and calm me down and I go on easily for the rest of the day"


"I need to lose weight. I've been hypnotised before for weight loss and it didn't work.

The hypnotist before told me things I already knew - like to trim fat from meat and to eat fresh fruit and vegetables to lose weight.

I already knew these things and so nothing changed."

Since seeing Gregory "I've lost 2 kgs and I'm going strong."

Has massive cravings for sugar.
Couldn't stop her habits of eating the foods she shouldn't eat.

*Christopher H Treatment date 2nd December 2008 (just posted)

"...Gregory hypnotised me to do some very powerful things in terms of weight loss"

"Dear Greg,

It is 10 weeks on Wednesday since I first saw you and I thought I had better report that I have gone down to 72 kg so far.

I am feeling great and will let you know how I'm going in another 10 weeks.

Thanks again, I always knew that I had to have my mind straight before I could get back to my appropriate weight, and I'm so glad I found you.


As a Clinical Hypnotherapist Dip.Clin.Hyp. I can discuss any issue(s) confidentially with you by  Chat Text Talk or Video on WhatsApp  or  Email  me.

Practice and Office is at Sunnybank Hills 4109 Brisbane Qld Australia.

Same address since 2004. Previously Gold Coast and Sydney.

"Hi Greg, Another 10 weeks on and I am down to 66 kg. A good loss since I last contacted you and a total loss in 20 weeks since I first came to see you of many kilos"

"When I look at the amount in pounds it seems like a lot. I am now in size 12 instead of 16/18, and feel great.

I have a whole new outlook on life now, thanks to you."

"Also thanks for sending me reminders via mobile, when I read them it just reinforces what I am striving for."

"Will email in another 10 weeks, by which time I should be at my goal weight.

Kindest regards,

*Bev P.S. You can use this on your website if you want."

* No guarantees and Results vary

Briana came for weight loss. Says over the last week she hasn't had to stop herself from eating the sugary foods.

Now she doesn't even think about food. It's not on her mind nearly as much. *

*Louise for overeating and snacking on junk food.

"I made contact with Greg for the purpose of having hypnotherapy assist in my goals for weight loss.

I am only new at hypnosis but even after my first session I found that I was able to refuse the “bad food” without even thinking twice about it.

After my second session I was completely in the zone.

I was surprised and so happy that refusing bad foods was no longer something that I had to agonise over. I could simply say no."

"After 3 months, I felt that I needed a refresher as I was going on a month holiday and did not want to undo all the good work, so I went back to Greg.

Each time that I am hypnotised, I find that I am able to go quicker and deeper.

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In fact, on my 3rd visit (my last visit so far), I even asked Greg to address the issue of my smoking.

Watch and listen to Video Reviews

I had given up smoking about 4 years prior but had started having a few cigarettes on the weekend.

Greg bought that issue into my hypnosis and “voila” I have not had one craving since.

Completely gone !"

"I will continue to see Greg when I feel the need to keep my temptations under control and to boost my will power.

Thanks so much Greg for doing what you do."



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About me

I am a Clinical Hypnotherapist Dip.Clin.Hyp.
A Registered member of the Australian Hypnotherapists' Association (AHA).
A member and Accredited Hypnotherapist with the Guild of Australian Hypnotherapists (GoAH).   I am a recognised Medical Fund Provider for the funds which do cover Hypnotherapy. Check with your provider.
I have a Blue Card for working with children.
My Queensland Police - National Police Certificate is current.   I am also a Therapist, Councillor and use Psychology, Psychoanalysis, Psychotherapy and Advisor Techniques.
I am a Consultant and Hypnotist with over 55 years experience in these fields.   I am NOT a Psychologist.
I specialise in many areas including Relationship Counselling, Sports Hypnosis, Business Hypnosis, Management Hypnosis, Grief Counselling and Pain Relief.
All Sessions are Confidential in a comfortable private setting.   I can be your Go To person for anything troubling you.   Started first Hypnotherapy Clinic in Randwick Sydney 1967.
Moved to Gold Coast 1981.
Opened Sunnybank Hills Brisbane Clinic 2004 and still here today.   I provide Face to Face one on one and also recorded Hypnosis Sessions.
Online individual or group over Zoom or even phone.   If you need help and are keen and reliable to pursue the changes you want please contact me.

  * Disclaimer

Disclaimer for all products and services at this site and offered from time to time:   Gregory does not provide medical advice of any kind.
Your Treatments do not replace the advice of a mental state professional or your Doctor.
Hypnosis has many beneficial effects but is not a substitute for appropriate medical attention.
Consult your physician if in doubt.
Gregory follows a strict code of ethics and upholds the utmost professionalism.
You agree that you are not suffering from Epilepsy or other mental illnesses.   No guarantees of any kind   There are no guarantees of any kind implied or given at this site.
We make no claims of exact results you can obtain.
We cannot and do not claim you will have permanent results.
Yes. Losing weight and quitting smoking are achievable.
However we do not claim exactly how much weight you may lose or how long you will stop smoking for.   Results vary   Results are not the same for every person and may vary due to many factors outside of our control, such as:
Your overall desire to change.
Your ability to absorb suggestions to your subconscious mind. Your personality type.
(Selective hearing for some people may be a block.)
Your ability to focus your mind and remember what you hear during your Session.
So there are many reasons why one person is successful and others are not.
We do not claim you will only need one Session.
We recommend at least three Sessions for most issues.

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