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Rediscover Peace and Serenity: Gregory's Unique Approach to Stress and Anxiety Relief with Hypnosis

Welcome to a transformative journey towards finding inner calm and relief from the burdens of stress and anxiety. Gregory's Unique Approach to Stress and Anxiety Relief with Hypnosis is here to guide you towards a life free from the shackles of tension and worry, using the incredible power of hypnotherapy.


The Path to Tranquility

In today's fast-paced world, stress and anxiety have become all too familiar companions. We believe that within each individual lies the capacity for inner peace and serenity, waiting to be unlocked. Gregory's unique methods are designed to help you access this inner sanctuary of tranquility.


Why Choose Gregory's Approach?

Gregory's approach to stress and anxiety relief with hypnotherapy is a fusion of wisdom, experience, and innovation. Here's what sets it apart:


Customised Hypnotherapy Techniques

Our approach harnesses the profound potential of hypnotherapy, tailored to your unique needs and challenges. Through hypnosis, you can access the deepest recesses of your mind to rewire your responses to stressors and find lasting relief.


Real-Life Success Stories

We draw inspiration from individuals who have faced and conquered stress and anxiety using similar techniques. These real-life success stories serve as beacons of hope, showing that relief is possible.


Scientific Credibility

Our approach is grounded in science. We provide insights into the psychological and neurological aspects of stress and anxiety, helping you understand the mechanics behind the relief.


Your Journey to Tranquility Begins Here

Imagine a life where you greet each day with a sense of calm, where stress and anxiety no longer dictate your actions, and where serenity is your constant companion. This is the future we envision for you.

Begin your journey to stress and anxiety relief with Gregory's Unique Approach today. Reclaim your peace of mind, banish the weight of worry, and embrace a life filled with tranquility and well-being.


Experience the Liberation from Stress and Anxiety

Rediscover your inner peace and serenity. Gregory's Unique Approach is your trusted companion on this transformative journey. Through personalized hypnotherapy sessions, practical exercises, and expert guidance, you'll find the relief you seek and emerge as a stronger, calmer version of yourself.

Let Gregory's Unique Approach to Stress and Anxiety Relief with Hypnosis be your gateway to a life free from the grip of stress and anxiety.

If you have too much stress or anxiety, you don't have to put up with it.

Worry and Nerves can be reduced or eliminated.

Stress is an inescapable part of life that comes from having a job, being in relationships and getting involved with social groups.
Negative messages

Everyone manages stress in their own way, and for some, negative messages in the subconscious can make stress difficult to overcome.

As a Clinical Hypnotherapist Dip.Clin.Hyp. I can discuss any issue(s) confidentially with you by  Chat Text Talk or Video on WhatsApp  or  Email  me.

Practice and Office is at Sunnybank Hills 4109 Brisbane Qld Australia.

Same address since 2004. Previously Gold Coast and Sydney.

When stress levels are high, the whole body suffers, and your well being can even be in jeopardy.

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Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

This a normal coping mechanism which may affect you for approximately a month or so after a particular kind of major event.

But if it keeps affecting you and causes severe problems in your life afterwards, then you need to seek help.

Anxiety and nervousness and mental issues

Anxiety and nervousness are an extension of stress and can occur even at times that may not seem stressful to others.

If you find yourself avoiding situations or dwelling on your anxieties to the point where you no longer enjoy life, your subconscious mind is likely playing a role in your feelings.

The past

Fears from the past can become locked away and manifest themselves in the symptoms of anxiety and nervousness.

Just as moderate stress, anxiety and nerves are normal, everyone worries from time to time.

* No guarantees and Results vary


It's when you become fixated on worries and begin to lose sleep, perform poorly at work or miss out on happiness in the present due to concerns over tomorrow that worrying becomes a problem.

Often, the nagging worry is deeply rooted in your mind and not easy to eliminate just by thinking rationally about your concerns.

Although stress, anxiety, nerves and worry can be difficult to overcome on your own, hypnosis can help you get past these negative feelings and emotions and take back your life.

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During a hypnosis session, you'll receive powerful suggestions that can take the place of the negative thoughts that make it difficult for you to overcome stress, anxiety, nerves and worry.

Over time, you'll reach a point where these emotions are in check, and you can fully enjoy your life once more.


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About me

I am a Clinical Hypnotherapist Dip.Clin.Hyp.
A Registered member of the Australian Hypnotherapists' Association (AHA).
A member and Accredited Hypnotherapist with the Guild of Australian Hypnotherapists (GoAH).   I am a recognised Medical Fund Provider for the funds which do cover Hypnotherapy. Check with your provider.
I have a Blue Card for working with children.
My Queensland Police - National Police Certificate is current.   I am also a Therapist, Councillor and use Psychology, Psychoanalysis, Psychotherapy and Advisor Techniques.
I am a Consultant and Hypnotist with over 55 years experience in these fields.   I am NOT a Psychologist.
I specialise in many areas including Relationship Counselling, Sports Hypnosis, Business Hypnosis, Management Hypnosis, Grief Counselling and Pain Relief.
All Sessions are Confidential in a comfortable private setting.   I can be your Go To person for anything troubling you.   Started first Hypnotherapy Clinic in Randwick Sydney 1967.
Moved to Gold Coast 1981.
Opened Sunnybank Hills Brisbane Clinic 2004 and still here today.   I provide Face to Face one on one and also recorded Hypnosis Sessions.
Online individual or group over Zoom or even phone.   If you need help and are keen and reliable to pursue the changes you want please contact me.

  * Disclaimer

Disclaimer for all products and services at this site and offered from time to time:   Gregory does not provide medical advice of any kind.
Your Treatments do not replace the advice of a mental state professional or your Doctor.
Hypnosis has many beneficial effects but is not a substitute for appropriate medical attention.
Consult your physician if in doubt.
Gregory follows a strict code of ethics and upholds the utmost professionalism.
You agree that you are not suffering from Epilepsy or other mental illnesses.   No guarantees of any kind   There are no guarantees of any kind implied or given at this site.
We make no claims of exact results you can obtain.
We cannot and do not claim you will have permanent results.
Yes. Losing weight and quitting smoking are achievable.
However we do not claim exactly how much weight you may lose or how long you will stop smoking for.   Results vary   Results are not the same for every person and may vary due to many factors outside of our control, such as:
Your overall desire to change.
Your ability to absorb suggestions to your subconscious mind. Your personality type.
(Selective hearing for some people may be a block.)
Your ability to focus your mind and remember what you hear during your Session.
So there are many reasons why one person is successful and others are not.
We do not claim you will only need one Session.
We recommend at least three Sessions for most issues.

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