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Gregory is a World Leading Hypnotist
with over 50 Years Experience from 1967

Clinical Hypnotherapist Dip.Clin.Hyp.

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About Gregory ...

"1967 Opened my first Hypnotherapy Clinic in Randwick Sydney and was booked solid for months."

Gregory is an "old school" Hypnotist Hypnotherapist with modern ideas based in Sunnybanbk Hills Brisbane Australia.

Treatments offered include Weight Loss and all eating disorders. Sports Hypnosis, Regression Hypnotherapy, Hypnosis Nail Biting Smoking Fears and emotional issues.

Gregory Hypnotherapist

He has carried out thousands of consultations with individuals and even performed a televised mass hypnosis to quit smoking session at the St. James Playhouse in Sydney.

"Why I Can Help YOU Too"

Born: Sydney Australia Family: Two adult children

Early studies: Optician, Mathematics, Science, Hypnosis, Music, Psychology.

Began learning and using Hypnosis from 12 years of age in 1957.

"After my father took me to see The Great Franquin".

Early sixties:
Professional Musician.
Studied and became an expert in ancient Mysticism and Metaphysical subjects. 
Studied and applied the Chinese I Ching and Color Personality Testing.

Gregory 1967
Gregory on TV with Maggie Tabberer in 1967

Tonight Shows such as Joe Martin, guest appearances on Grundy Television shows and Hypnotised many TV personalities of the day.

"Over 1000 people came to see me in one day."
The real belief in the power of Hypnotism to help smokers came when he hypnotised over 1000 people to quit smoking at the St James Playhouse in Sydney one Tuesday afternoon.
"My Mass Hypnosis Session was televised."

Gregory the Hypnotist 1967
Many people stopped smoking at that event.

The whole Mass Hypnosis Session was televised on all the News Channels and "This Day Tonight" with Bill Peach on the ABC.

"My phone began to ring and didn't stop for weeks."

1967 Opened his first Hypnotherapy Clinic In Randwick Sydney and was booked solid for months.

Gregory the Hypnotist 1968
Gregory on TV's most popular show in 1968 performing as "Gregory the Hypnotist" on television stations around Australia.

From 1969 onwards Conducted various self - development and personal improvement seminars and courses in Australia.

Attended the first ever "Mind Dynamics Institute" course of about 200 people in Australia with the founder Alexander Everett from San Francisco.
Alexander Everett had worked with Jose Silva and helped create "The Silva Method" of "Mind Control" earlier in his career.

"Alexander appointed me as General Manager for Australia and head Instructor partly because of my hypnotic background."
Werner Erhard (who later founded EST and "Landmark Forum") made his start here too.

Ran the first Alpha Rhythm Training courses in Australia in the early 70's. 
Partnered with Dr Maxwell Maltz's company in The Bahamas teaching "Mind Science" (Alpha Rhythm Training).

Trained 50 Sydney University students in Memory Improvement Techniques using Hypnosis.

Created and Co - Produced his own weekly Television show on Real Estate called "Home Affair", on Channel 10 Sydney. 
Later did thousands of individual consultations around Australia and overseas.

"In1978 my life turned into a completely different direction when I came across Prem Rawat.
"I began an inward journey of self discovery and meditation after being shown, what was for me, the path to inner peace and happiness inside myself."

"1997 My Hypnotherapy Personal Development and Counselling Practice demanded more time."

Gregory Group Session
Gregory conducting a Group Session

From 2004 moved the Hypnotherapy Practice from the Gold Coast to Sunnybank Hills in Brisbane.

Gregory on tour
Gregory in Malaysia

"Started winding down his other business interest building computerised touch screen machines."

Gregory at his Gold Coast office

Summary: "I've been using Hypnosis, "conversational hypnosis", "waking hypnosis" and techniques similar to NLP and other Hypnotic methods, long before the terms were used, since my early days at school in 1957."

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No guarantees and Results vary

No guarantees and Results vary

Gregory has a Clinical Hypnotherapist Dip.Clin.Hyp.
Is a member of Australian Hypnotherapists' Association (AHA).
Is a recognised Medical Fund Provider for the Funds which do cover Hypnotherapy. Check with your provider.

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